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Tom Bonner
28/02/2012 - 23:20
Hiya Malc, love the pics, never knew you had it in ya ;-)
Josephine Catanach
29/02/2012 - 19:09
Lovely photos Malc, we both enjoyed looking through :) keep up the great work. Jo & Mark

Gilbert Hoste - cor on ePz.
05/03/2012 - 18:57
A beautyful website. Top work.
G.H- Cor
Guy Springett (aka Geobloke)
16/03/2012 - 09:00
Great photos, I am a big fan of B&W photos, especially the industrial looking ones.
19/05/2012 - 22:15
Really impressed Malc,
a different view looking at them on here
beautifully set out
03/04/2013 - 17:52
An eclectic feast for the eyes Malc. Keep up the impressive work.
Ishan Pathak
05/10/2014 - 18:57
Love your photographs. Different, but charming.
Nathan Dodsworth
11/10/2015 - 16:42
A very impressive site which is not only easy to navigate but it contains a wonderful set of electic genres.

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